The Muse of Tennessee Williams, Ms Mia Phoebus – Coming Soon!

Any Tennessee Williams fans out there? Want to know more about the man behind the legend? IF so, this is one to watch for. Coming soon to a site and store near you!

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One of the wonderful things about living in Los Angeles (I have to say something

Tennessee Williams Tennessee Williams

nice from time to time, don’t I?) is the rare and wonderful people one stumbles over, lots of times by accident. Sometimes there’s an instant, delightful connection. This sums up my meeting with Mia Phoebus; poet, mezzo soprano, stentorian speaker, philosopher, and back in the summer of 1940, the muse and housemate of Tennesee Williams. He called her his “womb girl” (back then she as known as Ethel Elkovsky) and the Provincetown Tennesee Williams Theater Festival verified that she was, ” the basis for the character of Miriam in TW’s The Parade.” The New York Times also wrote about their relationship. But there’s never been a complete chronicling of the story and that’s about to change…

Elaine & Mia,  Los Angeles, 2014 Elaine & Mia,
Los Angeles, 2014

Here in Los Angeles, Melody Jackson, CEO of Smart Girls Productions…

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