To MFA or Not to MFA—STEVE WEDDLE Part 3

Ok All, so here’s part two of our series on the MFA vs MA degrees.
In the first part, I played devils advocate for the MFA. This time, I get to play detective, and do the interviewing instead, while successful author, and former MFA’r himself, Steve Weddle, weighs in on the matter at hand. To all you aspiring authors, who may be considering a higher degree, this should be interesting reading!


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rsz_steve_weddle_became_known_to_me_in_2009_via_his_story_called_missed_flight_which_i_editedSONY DSC

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LISA CIARFELLA: How did you decide upon an MFA degree and then how did you choose your program?

STEVE WEDDLE: I was completing my master’s degree in English literature at a graudate school in Kansas.I had been writing poetry, as we all do, for years. I’d been the editor of the literary magazine at my undergraduate school and continuted to send out poems, having a few poems published in magazines that probably no longer exist. As I finished my master’s degree, I knew I wanted to go on and had a choice whether to pursue a PhD or MFA. I picked poetry because I liked the idea of making the thing people talked about instead of talking about something other people made. Seems a silly notion now, but there it is.

My two top choices were the MFA program at University of Memphis and the one at Louisiana…

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