Does Paul Brazill ever Get Serious??

World famous crime fiction writer Paul Brazill carves out the low-down on his hardboiled, Brit Grit style, along with some savvy advice on the author social media front.
Enjoy this all!

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Elaine: What amazes me is the fact that you’re everywhere. In a few short years you’ve built this amazing profile online, your stories are here there and everywhere, and you even attracted all these writers to give you stories for an anthology. How do you do it???

Paul: Sitting on you arse and messing about on the internet isn’t exactly the most demanding of tasks, Elaine!

Elaine: Very funny, now let’s get serious. Lots of writers are burning their brain cells up trying to figure this stuff out.

Paul: I use Facebook most because it links me to the widest range of people — family, old school mates, friends from the music days, musical heroes, models, people who work in film, journalists, film critics, artists, people I’ve worked with, people I’ve boozed with … There’s a greater variety of banter there.

I’ll link to my own stuff – loads, sometimes! But…

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