POV by Rick Stepp-Bolling

Just how do you make the best POV choice when crafting your masterpiece? Author and retired writing professor Rick Stepp-Boiling breaks it down for us (courtesy of Wendy Van Kamp, and No Wasted Ink).

No Wasted Ink

Tell Tale Heart

POV: How I Stopped Worrying About Myself and Started Using an Effective Persona

How often do beginning and even experienced writers get red-penciled for a POV change in the middle of something they are writing? Okay, I can raise my hand along with the rest of you. POV or point of view lapses are not uncommon. Usually, those mistakes are minor, say changing from one character’s perspective to another on the same page when you are writing in third person limited (I’ll explain that later). The more grievous error would be switching from first person to third person, or utilizing second person when you meant to use third person objective. So does any of this make sense? Let’s take a deep breath and review some of the basics of creating an effective persona for your story.

Persona, as I am defining it here, is your storyteller. In other words, who…

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