The Perfect Storm…

What’s your perfect storm like for writing?
Is it a a white-out, snow driven, stephen king-ish type day where the wind’s whistling at 20 below and the only respite is found bundled up inside the 4 walls of the house hiding underneath the drifts?
Or is it the opposite; a sunny, shore drenched cove, where the kids are bopping and the waves are rolling and margaritas flowing…

Personally, I prefer days like below  – cold, crisp, and clear…with my pup curled up by my feet, and the world shut out tight, with only the keyboard to contend with on my lap.

Would luv to hear your thoughts on the matter…
the perfect storm...

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm…

  1. Nice Robin. Sounds like you’re taking some private time to do some real introspective writing…always a good thing! Not everything we think has to go out for the masses! There’s a time and a place for it all!
    Thanks for jumping in here.

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  2. I don’t care about the weather when I write. It has more to do with how I am feeling. Lately, the writing I’ve been doing hasn’t been on my blog. I like to write poetry with paper and pen. And I like to write in my bedroom with the door closed. Music often inspires me to write.


  3. Every day can be a good day to write something new and share it with other writers. Perhaps a cloudy day inspire you some ideas and for another can be the opposite. My conclusion is a Spanish idiom: never stop doing today things thinking you’ll do it tomorrow.

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