North Pole Nightmares…

snow covered street to nowhere

Sweat poured down my eyes, onto my chest and into my t-shirt getting me all wet and pumped. Adrenaline kicked in as I rounded the corner lot and my stopwatch clicked off the 3/4-mile mark. Hitting my stride now, feet pumping, fast as they could carry me, I was feeling good now, breathe evened, focus narrowed. Two miles was the goal today, and I knew I could do it. I reached down into my pack without breaking my stride, grabbing up my water bottle and slugged it down, not noticing the curb up ahead, when boom! Right foot over left, tumbling down, ankle buckles, and the right knee goes pop while slamming into concrete, hot and dirty. My hands go in front of my face, trying to block the inevitable, but white heat starts spreading up my leg, and into my thigh. I grab my right foot and groan, but no one’s around to hear. It’s midnight here on the other side of the globe, and the sun’s blazing this time of night in Alaska, but I’m all alone on the pavement, while my right knee’s turning purple and my foot’s looking twisted twenty ways from Sunday……I look around for someone, anyone. But all I hear are my own cries. And the lone wolf, somewhere out there in the near distance…

4 thoughts on “North Pole Nightmares…

  1. Cool story. Overall, quick and easy to read and invigorating. Two thoughts I had while reading it: (1) how does his foot/ankle begin turning purple so suddenly? I’d think that kind of injury takes minutes, if not hours, to swell to a purplish color – not enough time for a flash story. 🙂
    And (2): this feels almost more like the opening to an incredible survival story – like a story that’s just beginning, rather than one that begins and ends quickly…in a flash! I guess that’s the real challenge with flash fiction, the ending has to be conclusive but come very quickly. The ending cannot just cut – leaving a question mark in the reader’s head.
    But, this was good regardless. Liked.

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