Monday’s Musing on getting published…

Hey all, it’s Monday and we got some celebrating to do. I’m musing on my flash piece that went live this weekend at Near to the Knuckle, a crime fiction site put out by the fine folks across the pond in the UK…. (

What a thrill, I got to say, it was to see my flash up on this site. These guys put out hard-core, slash and grind, take no prisoners Noir and crime fiction. And to have my story up there next to some of the sluggers who’ve been cranking out these stories for a while now well, you got to go see for yourselves! They list all the authors they’ve put up over the years on their side bar, and now, little old me, yup I’m included. 

Funny thing though. This story just sort of came to me. I’ve worked for long periods of time on stories, you know the drill. Write, revise, rinse, repeat…most of which go nowhere but inside of the trash bucket at some point down the line caz. after so many revisions you’re so confused you just don’t wanna look at the piece anymore. But this one, literally happened within an hour or two of an incident that occurred while I was driving around lost, looking for a place I’d never been to before. Some guy opened my car door while I was looking at the map and boom! The story evolved in my head!

Guess good things happen that way, and they also come in pairs, caz. I got another, yes another flash piece coming out in Out Of the next weekend. As soon as it’s up, I’ll post about it here too. That one too, involves burning something down. If you read my story you’ll see… seems I’m fascinated with fire these days….

If you read my story let me know what y’all think down below…..or even if you don’t. As always, comments, complaints, a good smack on the head never hurt!

Ciao For Now,


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