Me and my Projects:

Welcome Readers!


Lisa is an MFA student at California State University Long Beach, graduating this December, 2016. She writes with a nod to the dark, the noir, and crime-ridden, angst-driven stories, channeling inspiration from iconic greats like Raymond Chandler and Jim Thompson, and present day authors, Paul D Marks, James Lee Burke, and Paul Brazill. And a dash of Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad type madness thrown in, just for kicks.

Her writing includes a series of short connected stories, littered with a traveling band of nar’ do well thieves and screw-ups, rough around the edges, frayed, and flawed, tough talking, quick quipped men, and the women who follow them straight into the abyss, and their thieving, plotting, and conniving ways. From San Francisco, to New Orleans, to Vegas, and more.

Lisa has her first novel in the works, and aims to finish and start querying this December. The story follows a twenty-something, transplanted girl from the midwest to sin city, who finds life in the desert sun a whole lot rougher than expected when caught up in the aftermath of a friends murder. 

For more on that score, check in for updates!

Writing and school keeps Lisa pretty busy, but when not putting pen to paper she can usually be found out on the beach with her pups, Lola and Boo, throwing and chasing a Frisbee around. Or, at the local ball park, watching her favorite team do its level best to stay afloat. Go Angels!

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