Guest Blog: Because January is Cold and Hammett Died Broke by Aaron Philip Clark

A blast past, but a terrific guest blog here from Paul Brazill’s site, courtesy of  Aaron P Clark.

Clark relates how Hammett has been a main force of genre influence for crime writers everywhere, in spite of the fact that he was over looked in his day, and still is in certain literary circles.

” As the anniversary of Hammett’s death nears, I think crime writers of today can still learn a lot from how he lived and wrote…always fresh and never formulaic. He helped solidify a kind of crime writer’s paradigm. He wrote fast, drank hard; he was a master of sharp dialogue, double entendre and quick wit…a renegade style of writing, the kind that if he were alive today would keep him off of Oprah’s big yellow couch…” Clark


“I’ve been as bad an influence on American literature as anyone I can think of.”
Dashiell Hammett
I seem to get most of my best writing done during the cold weather months. You may assume this is because it’s too unpleasant to spend time outside and most of my time is spent indoors, but this would not be the case. There is simply something about the winter that brings out the worst in people, and for a crime fiction author that’s a good thing. I’m an avid reader of newspapers. I mostly read the crime sections and it always seems like during the winter the crimes get more desperate, more ballsy, more bizarre; more, dare I say, inspirational. Perhaps it’s because of the holidays? I once read that the crime rate goes up significantly during the months of December and January, and so does the suicide rate…

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