Author to Author!

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As the Muse Strikes


Sweet, Sour, Sexy, Salty…

Here’s to story telling and the words that tell them.


 Ride along with Ciarfella’s Fiction Corner while we mine the blogosphere for the best writing tips, tricks, and strategies from veteran authors who inspire, to newbies who get it down, get it right and out onto that final page. Never know, could even be you or your pals who show up on our pages one day! 

We’re partial to crime fiction, mystery, and noir, but if it’s got to do with penning that perfect prose, it’s on our radar.

Where To Look First?


Monday’s Muse:  

Could be a random craft share from authors who know their stuff, a photo that gets me musing, an intriguing prompt or author quote or question to ponder. Could be clever craft strategies on pov, finding your voice, or getting motivated to write when the muse just ain’t there. All you have to do is check in, and go with the flow!


Fun Flash Fridays:

 Most Fridays we’ll throw up another piece up to entice, tantalize, and entertain. Could be noir or crime fiction in tone, drama and intrigue, adventure, true or untrue,  Short and sweet’s the key, so  keep it moving sista!  Submit if you dare, and we might just put it up. And you fun fans,  get all the bragging rights!


Me and my projects: 

Here you can find out what kind of other writing adventures I’m up to at any given moment. And don’t forget to check back for updates.

One last thing:  


Your thoughts, the good, bad, and the ugly, are all welcome here!

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