Mia Phoebus Remembers Tennessee Williams

A day with Mia Phoebus at Gatsbys books in Long Beach. The author/poet wow’d the crowd with her energetic, lively, readings and persona.
Mia’s life and times with Tennessee Williams make for extrodinary story telling, but don’t take my word for it. Grab her book, and read all about it!

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M-G Mia reading 2 Mia reads from her first book of poetry, REMINDERS OF AN I NOT LEFT BEHIND.

NINETY-FOUR YEARS YOUNG and she had the audience at GATSBY BOOKS hanging on every word. Mia Elkovsky Phoebus showed us the character, intellect, and energy that so fascinated Tennessee Williams way back in 1940. The event was the release of Mia’s latest book, WALKING THE DUNES WITH TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, a poetic memoir of the Provincetown glory days so often mentioned in Tennessee’s biographies.

When I say the audience hung on every work, I’m not exaggerating. Mia’s rich, resonent voice filled the shop easily and she poured operatic emotion into her reading. Sean Moore, the owner of Gatsby’s and a poet himself, called the work “remarkable,” and instantly invited Mia to come back early in 2016.

M-G arrival w Sean Mia and Sean with her books.

Sean mentioned that a sample copy left at the store a week ago for him…

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