It’s Fun Flash Fiction Friday again…


Hey all, 

So it’s fun flash fiction Friday time again. And what better time than to post a story about a characters secret? Ever have characters in your stories that have something to hide and aren’t doing a very good job of it?

Well I do. And my story, “The secret” is all about it. Man can’t stand his wife, but is too much of a wimp to do anything about it. Well, almost!

What’s the biggest secret your character has ever kept?

And did he, or she, keep it well, or did they run into problems and why? Tell me all about it in the comments, and let’s get that communication going!


Ciao for Now, and darkly yours,

Lisa Ciarfella


The Secret

            Friday’s tongue licked the man’s face fast and hard, same as always every time he slept over. With Friday around, who needed an alarm clock. Through the window he could see the sun just coming up over the watch tower out on the sand. So nice to live by the water, he thought. Too bad I can’t do it full time. He pushed Friday’s big nose over and out of the way and leaned in to kiss his partner in crime.

“ Good morning, sleepy head. I’m off. Gonne take a quick shower and get going. Busy day today, what with the new boss and all. She’s got an 8 am meeting scheduled. Think she wants to pick out brains, see what’s what.”

The sleeping figure rolled over and yawned, smiled, patted the man on the rear in a playful manner, and turned back toward the window. Out again, the man thought. Sure wish I could sleep in. The mans feet hit the wood floor. Shower on. Water hitting hard on his shoulders. Comb, hair gelled, teeth brushed. Threw on the same clothes he had come over in last night. Not having a lot of storage space in the small apartment was hard. His coworkers were just going to have to deal with seeing him in the same suit he wore last Friday, before the long weekend. Not enough time to go home to get new ones. Being late just wouldn’t be okay this morning. Especially not with her, being the new boss and all.

He fought through the traffic in record time Screeched into the parking lot. He adjusted his tie once more, and pushed through the large double glass doors to the morning meeting with seconds to spare. Spying him immediately she motioned him over, pointing toward the chair next to her. He obliged as she shook her head and re-adjusted the tie to the left. Leaning in close to his left ear, her voice rose just above a whisper:

“Tsk tsk. Almost late again. You never can get this right, can you. How was the business trip? You look terrible, like you slept in your clothes on the plane. Are the contracts signed now?”

Smiling to the last entrant into the room, she smoothed her skirt with her left hand and flicked the lights on with the right, calling the meeting to order. But not before one last quip.

“Don’t forget. Tina has her first soccer match tonight. I have to stay late, so I volunteered you. But she’ll be so happy to have dad on the sidelines.”

She winked, and squeezed his arm tight. His lips curled up on the sides, pretending mutual affection.

“ Let’s celebrate my promotion tonight when I get home. Champagne’s on ice in the fridge”

Done with him now, she turned toward the waiting room. Her husband watched, twirling the ring on his finger. He sipped the cup in front of him, but had to pull back because of the heat. He hadn’t been quite ready for that.

“ So team. Good morning. And welcome. Let’s get started with last week’s rundown, shall we.”

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